Why Does Natural Cost More?

Why Does Natural Cost More?

Although there is some truth to ‘you get what you pay for’, it can be taken too far. There’s not much proof that a skin care product costing £125 will do more for you than one that costs £12.50 – if any clinical studies were done at all you would probably find evidence that they both worked, or didn’t. However, it is probably true that a bottle of lotion that costs £1.50 may be less effective. How does cost affect the quality of skin care treatment products?

Some companies price their products higher simply because they can: They limit their sale to high end stores, they already have a reputation, or they have celebrity endorsements – something that will justify charging, and spending, more money, but does not necessarily guarantee the quality or efficacy of the product.

Other products use ingredients that are more expensive to produce and difficult to preserve. Natural skin care treatment products, for example, often contain ingredients you can’t simply make in a lab with chemicals. They contain aloe vera or other organic substances, organic (rather than synthesized) vitamins, herbal substances, and so on, that are more labour intensive to produce.

Also, because many manufacturers of natural products want to keep them as close to natural as possible, the products contain only minimal amounts of the preservatives and other chemicals that give them a longer shelf life and ensure integrity of texture. Under these circumstances, the products have to be manufactured in smaller batches since they’re not going to last on the shelves. This, of course, adds to the expense because the manufacturers can’t get the price break available if you buy in very large quantities.

That’s why many natural skin care treatment products – and other products – tend to be more expensive.

Source: Open Press NewsWire


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