Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and UK law).

We collect information about customers for 2 reasons: firstly, to process your order and second, to provide you with the best possible service in connection with your order.

We are fully committed to controlling internet spam. In accordance with UK law our mailing list is strictly "opt in" only and you may unsubscribe at any time. You will only be added to our mailing list if you have chosen to do so.

What we will do:

We will hold your personal information securely and make all reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorised access to or use of your personal information.

The information we hold about you will be accurate and up to date. You can check the information that we hold about you by logging into your account. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct the information promptly on being told about it

We will only use your personal information to provide services or information you have expressly requested us to provide.

If you have opted in to our mailing list we will only send you information about our products and services, and you may opt out of our mailing list as anytime.

If you have opted out of our mailing list we will remove your details immediately.

What we will NOT do:

We will not contact you in the future unless you have given us your consent and then only to give you information about our products or service. You may opt out of our mailing list at any time.

We will not pass any information on to third parties, or share your personal information with anyone else except as necessary to process your order.

We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.

We will not collect information about customers that is not needed for processing orders placed by our customers.


We may use technology to track visitors to our site, but this information is anonymous and only used to help us improve our service.

To process credit an debit card processes we pass customer details including name, address, post code, and country to the card processor.  This is done in a secure manner.  The card processor may carry out checks on the data before authorising the transaction, this may include checking details against the electoral roll, and checks on the previous use of cards from that address.

Parts of our order system use cookies, but these do not hold personally identifiable information.

If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should contact us.

Policies Relating to Visitors to Our Web Site

Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to our users’ privacy, we disclose all of the information we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with the it.

The information we collect directly benefits users using our website because we use it to monitor visitor behaviour to improve our service, track problems and to enhance functionality.

Information is collected for the following purposes.

  • Completing an activity or transaction
  • Website and system administration
  • Research and Development
  • Contact users for marketing only if they opt in for us to do so.

The following organizations have access to the information we collect.

  • Only ourselves, we pass information to nobody else.

Our website uses cookies to enhance how it operates and ensure we better serve our visitors.

Our servers automatically collect logs that may record statistical information such as visitors' IP addresses, type of operating systems, time of visit, web pages requested, etc., and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and browser types. These usage statistics are are used to improve our websites and maintain site security.

Our website collects the following types of information.

  • Web site issued unique identifiers
  • Web Navigation information - pages visited
  • Computer system information - anonymous data about browser type etc

If you have a question about our privacy policy, or you would like to dispute any information collected contact us.


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