Our Security Policy

We are committed to the security of our customers and take precautions to prevent identify theft.  We do this by:

  • We only collect the minimum information necessary to process your order;
  • We do not make personal information publicly available;
  • We do not share data in our customer database with anybody else;
  • We do not handle or store credit card data; card transactions are handled outside our site by reputable organisations who provide secure processing systems to industry standards;
  • Transfer of customer and order data to the payment gateway is either encrypted or passed by Secure Socket Layer (SSL);
  • Access to your data on our server is password protected and all passwords are encrypted;

We are also committed to making the internet a safe place to shop.  We do this by:-

  • We screen all transactions for indicators of potential fraud;
  • We follow up orders where screening indicates a higher than normal risk;
  • If we are not satisfied that an order is from a genuine customer we will cancel the order and refund the card used to make the purchase;
  • We cooperate with credit and debit card companies by providing them with information about a purchase if a query arises from the card holder;
  • We report suspicious purchases for investigation;

For your security we may require you to provide more information before we complete your order.  This is to ensure that you have indeed placed the order and not someone using your card without authorisation.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  Information provided is only used for verification purposes.


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