Skin MD SPF15 - Sunscreen

Skin moisturising and sun protection in one!

Skin MD SPF15 - Sunscreen

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Skin MD SPF15 Sunscreen 120 ml £19.79

Your everyday skin care routine should provide complete protection and hydration to the skin. Harsh environmental irritants need to be kept away, and excessive UV rays avoided, so skin remains youthful, glowing and healthy.

This skin care product helps prevent loss of natural oils and moisture, it doesn't allow irritating substances to penetrate the skin and it absorbs the part of the UV spectrum that contributes to premature skin ageing and development of skin cancer.

Skin MD Natural + SPF15 combines the benefits of a shielding lotion and a sunscreen lotion.

In the UK there are 65,000 cases of skin cancer each year, with 2,000 proving fatal, and numbers are said to be rising faster than any other form of cancer. (Source: BUPA Investigating News).

The revolutionary concept in skin care requiring the new classification 'Shielding Lotion' is today rapidly gaining popularity amongst experts and consumers - men and women alike. Skin MD Natural - the leading brand - is now available with the addition of a sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15.

UVA & UVB can cause aging of the skin by damaging collagen fibres. Of the two, UVA was thought to be less harmful, but it can cause skin cancer by indirect DNA damage. Skin sensitivity to sun exposure is affected by these rays in different ways.

  • UVA is more penetrating and can result in accelerating the aging process
  • UVB harms the skin's surface and is the main cause of sunburn.

Skin MD Natural SPF 15 has a proven UVA protection factor of 5+ (over 5 times greater than the skin's own protection) while the UVB protection is 15+. SPF15 filters 92% of the UVB and delays the onset of sunburn by up to 150 minutes.

Skin MD Natural SPF 15 is far more effective for dry skin and arresting sunburn than mere moisturising lotions or protective creams. It is promptly absorbed without the slightest hint of any greasy residue or oily feeling, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield that protects and cares for your skin.

A variety of factors can cause dry skin and the ensuing damage, whether a harsh or pleasant climate, exposure to harmful chemicals which we come into contact with in every day products, or environmental toxins that we are obliviously surrounded by. Skin damage then leads to many problems - itching, cracks, premature aging, wrinkles and flaky skin.

Embarking on a daily routine of good skin care by applying SKIN MD Natural SPF 15 to your skin up to 3 times a day will assist in creating a more beautiful you with healthy, glowing skin on your hands, face and body, come rain or shine!

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