Aloe Health UK Bonus Rewards Scheme

We love our customers and we love them to keep coming back to us.

To reward our regular customers we have set up a bonus rewards scheme. All customers are eligible to join the scheme and in fact you don't need to do anything, if you have bought from us or you buy from us you are automatically a member. All purchases made in the previous 12 months of the claim date count towards your bonus.

How does it work?

Very simple really. Each purchase you make counts towards your bonus at a rate of 5% of the purchase price before shipping. So if you spend £10 you get 50p bonus. When you order from us again in the future you can use your bonus to claim a free product or products up to the value of your bonus earned to date. To check your bonus entitlement, just log in - your bonus will be shown in the shopping basket panel, or by visiting the bonus page.

The small print

There is always small print, sorry...

Entitlement to free products is assessed on the basis of retail price excluding shipping costs.  Bonus entitlement is awarded on the basis of 5% of the purchase at the retail price of goods from Aloe Health UK.

  • To claim a bonus ordered goods must have been paid for, and if subsequently returned the value of any refund will be deducted from any bonus entitlement.
  • Entitlement to free products is calculated at the full retail value even if the goods are offered for sale at a discount.
  • Bonus earned cannot be claimed as cash or cash equivalent.
  • You must have sufficient bonus to cover the full price of the product, you can't put your bonus towards a product and make the difference up with cash.
  • You can only claim free products in conjunction with other purchases with a minimum value of £15.
  • The maximum amount of bonus that can be used in a single transaction is £30.
  • Only orders placed in the 12 months preceding the date of claim count for bonus.

That wasn't too bad was it?


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